Free Kids & Money Video Tips

Teaching Kids Compound Interest

This super easy lesson is a great, hands-on way to get kids to really see the value in saving their money and what can happen to it over time. Students learn that even putting small amounts of money aside can add up to lots of money later on through the power of compounding.

Teach Kids to Set Financial Goals

People who set goals have a greater chance of achieving what they want. Setting goals helps us stay focused on the target and reinforces delayed gratification and perseverance. This video offers practical advice on how to teach kids to set financial goals.

Teaching the Rule of 72 to Kids

Money can double? Sure. And this video shows students how that can happen. Throw in the words 'free money' and kids get excited to start saving their pennies!

Kidnexions Kids on Biz Kids - Allowance

Kids talk about how an allowance can teach them to effectively manage their money. And effectively managing money means saving some of it. Watch as these kids describe how they put their saved money to work for them through various investments.

Kids Money Quick Tips: Earning

The best way to teach kids about effort, time management, fair pay, and work ethic is by having them work to earn money. Find out what types of jobs kids can do to earn extra money and how to set reasonable fees.

Kids Money Quick Tips: Saving

Getting kids in the early habit of saving money can benefit them for a life-time. But how do we motivate kids to save? This video shares with you several tried-and-true techniques that will get your kids on the road to being saving savvy and money smart.

Registry Recording Game (Grades 4-6)

Play this simple yet fun game to teach students how to record credits and debits into a registry while keeping a running balance.(View PDF)